ICSAM 1997 - Program

Tuesday 29th January 1997

Fundamental Aspects of Superplasticity
Towards a theory of Cooperative Deformation Processes: The Case of Flow in Optimally Superplastic and Nanostructured Materials
K.A. Padmanabhan (India)
Coffee break
Some Thoughts on Future Directions for Research and Applications in Superplasticity*,
O.D. Sherby, T.G. Nieh and J. Wadsworth (U.S.A.)
Relating Grain Boundary Structure to Superplastic Deformation*
R.I. Todd (U.K.)
Cooperative Processes during Superplastic Deformation
V.V. Astanin, O.A. Kaibyshev and A.I.Pshenichnyuk (Russia)
A Superplasticity Approach based on Shearing Bands
J.J. Blandin, B. Baudelet, R Dendievel (France)
Numerical Modeling of Superplastic Deformation Mechanisms
N. Chandra and P. Dang (U.S.A.)
On the Numerical Verification of a Mechanistic Model for Superplastic Flow
S.S. Bhattacharya and K.A. Padmanabhan (India)
Superplastic Constitutive Relation and it Application
Q. Jin and J. Hai (China)
Microstructural Dynamics
Microstructural Effects on Cavitation, Flow Localization and Fracture in Superplastic Metals,
AK. Ghosh and D. Bae (U.S.A.)
Key Issues of Grain Boundary Engineering for Superplasticity*
T Watanabe (Japan)
Grain Boundary Sliding Behavior during Superplastic Deformation in a Sn-Pb Eutectic Alloy
N. Furushiro, T Haruna, T. Shibayanagi, U. Umakoshi and S. Hori (Japan)
Superplasticity in Si3N4 Associated with Rod-Like Grain Alignment
E. Sato, N. Kondo and F. Wakai (Japan)
The Role of Flow Properties and Damage Accumulation in Superplastic Ductility of AI-Mg-Mn Alloys
K. Kannan, C.H. Johnson .and C.H. Hamilton (U.S.A.)
Coffee break
On the Possibility of Superplasticity Enhanced by Dynamic Recrystallization
R Kaibyshev and A Galiyev (Russia)
Anisotropic Behavior and Constitutive Equations of Superplastic Deformation of Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-1QV2Fe-3 AI Alloys
B. Bai, H.S. Yang, N. Chen and A.K. Mukherjee (China, U.S.A.)
The Nature of Influence of Reinforcing Element Distribution on Superplastic Deformation Behavior of a Metal Matrix Composite
R Kaibyshev, V. Kazykhanov and C.C. Bampton (Russia, U.S.A.)
Superplasticity in Nanocrystalline Materials
Novel Superplasticity of Supercooled Liquid for Bulk Amorphous Alloys
A. Inoue and T. Zhang (Japan)
Phase Evolution and Densification of Spray Pyrolysed ZrOTAI20 3 Powders
A.S. Gandhi, V. Jayaram and A.H. Chokshi (India)
Cultural Program

Wednesday 30th January 1997

Superplasticity in Nanocrystalline Materials
Superplastic Behavior of Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials
RZ. Valiev (Russia)
Synthesis and Processing of Nanostructured Oxide Ceramics: Implications for Superplasticity
G. Skandan and B.H. Kear (U.S.A.)
Superplastic Forming of Si3N4 and Si3N4/SiC Nanocomposites
T. Rouxel, J.-L. Besson, M. Mayne, D. BahlouJ and P. Goursat (France)
Superplastic-like Phenomena in In-Situ produced Nanophasic-Grained Ceramics
P.E.D. Morgan (U.S.A.)
Processing of an AI-Mg-Li-Zr Alloy with a Submicron Grain Size
Z. Horita, M. Furukawa, M. Nemoto, N.K. Tsenev, R.Z. Valiev, P.B. Berbon and T. G. Langdon (Japan, Russia, U.S.A.)
Nanocomposite Microstructure in a Melt Spun AI-Cu-Zr Alloy
Dheepa Srinivasan and K. Chattopadhyay (India)
Coffee break
High Strain Rate Superplasticity
Superplasticity At High Strain Rates in Metals And Composites
T.G. Nieh and J. Wadsworth (U.S.A.)
Critical Aspects of High Strain Rate Superplasticity
K. Higashi and M. Mabuchi (Japan)
Microstructure and Superplasticity in Al-Mg Alloy Composites Reinforced with Silicon Nitride Particles
J. Koike (Japan)
Analysis of the Threshold Stress in the AI-Ti Alloys Exhibiting High Strain-Rate Superplasticity
D.-W. Kum (Korea)
The Origin of High Strain Rate Superplasticity
R.S. Mishra and A.K. Mukherjee (U.S.A.)
Effect of SiC Particulate Content on Superplastic Flow Stress of MA 2024AI-SiCp Composites
K. Matsuki, M. Tokizawa and S. Murakami (Japan)
Superplasticity in Ceramics
Aspects on Superplasticity in Fine-grained Ceramics
T. Sakuma (Japan)
Amorphous Grain Boundary in Superplastic Ceramics
F. Wakai, N. Kondo, H. Ogawa, T. Nagano and S. Tsurekawa (Japan)
Grain Boundary Characteristics of Superplastic Ceramics by HREM and AEM
Y. Ikuhara, P. Thavorniti and T. Sakuma (Japan)
The Variation of Strain Rate with Stress in Superplastic Zirconia
M.Z. Berbon and T.G. Langdon (U.S.A.)
Constitutive Equation for Superplastic Flow of FineGrained Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Polycrystals
M. Jimenez-Melendo, A. Bravo-Leon and A. Dominguez-Rodriguez (Spain)
Coffee break
The Effect of Addition of Yttria on the Densification and Sinter forging Behavior of Alumina
S. Krishnamurthy and A.H. Chokshi (India)
Elevated Temperature Flow Behavior of SiC Borosilicate Composites
V.S.R Murthy, S. Das, G. Banuprakash and G.S. Murty (India)
Characteristics of Superplastic Deformation in Dual Phase Alumina-Zirconia Composites
D.M. Owen (U.S.A.)
HT Forming of Reaction Bonded Alumina Matrix Composites
R Jannsen, M.M.R Boutz, C.V. Minden, N. Claussen(Germany)
Superplasticity in Metals and Intermetallics
Superplasticity of Metals: Phenomenology Based on Rheological Properties and Structural Dynamics
O.M. Smirnov (Russia)
Poster Session

Thursday 31st January 1997

Superplasticity in Metals and Intermetallics
Towards an Integration of Flow Behavior and Microstructural Evolution during Superplastic Deformation of Microduplex Alloys
B.P. Kashyap (India)
Superplastic Deformation in Two Microduplex Stainless Steels
D.R Lesuer, T.G. Nieh, C.K. Syn and E.M. Taleff (U.S.A.)
Subsolidus Superplasticity of Aluminium Alloys
I.I. Novikov, V.K. Portnoy, V.S. Levchenko and A.O. Nikiforov (Russia)
Superplasticity in Iron-Carbon Alloys
B.N. Ghosh, J. Bhattacharya, N.K. Das, P.K. De, C.S. Sivaramakrishna and O.N. Mohanty (India)
On the Domains of Superplasticity in the Hot Workability Maps of Titanium Alloys
T. Rajagopalachary and VV Kutumbarao (India)
Coffee break
Application of EBSP Methods to Analyze Continuous Grain Refinement Processes in Supral 2004
T.R. McNelley and M.E. McMahon (U.S.A.)
Low Temperature Superplasticity of Magnesium Alloys Processed by ECAE
M. Mabuchi, H. Iwasaki and K. Higashi (Japan)
Micromechanical Investigation and Phenomenological Modeling of AI-8090 Superplastic Materials
H. Garmestani, P.N. Kalu and F. Booeshaghi (U.S.A.)
Superplasticity in Intermetallics
A.K. Mukherjee and RS. Mishra (U.S.A.)
Microstructural Transformations Associated with Superplastic Deformation of a Ti~1 Based Intermetallic Alloy
D. Jobart, J.J. Blandin, A. Varloteaux and M. Suery (France)
Effect of Superplastic Processing on Room Temperature Ductility of Gamma Titanium Aluminide
R.M. Imayev, G.A. Salishchev and V.M. Imayev and M.R Shagiev (Russia)
Isothermal Forging and TMP for Development of Superplasticity in Al-Li Alloy
A. Dutta, A.K. Gokhale, K.S. Prasad and D. Banerjee (India)
Commercial Applications of Superplasticity
Industrial Applications of Superplasticity - A vision of the Future
N. Chandra (U.S.A.)
Applications of Ceramic Superplasticity: Challenges and Opportunities
J. Wittenauer (U.S.A.)
Superplastic Forming of Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tube Material
R.K. Fotedar, R Kishore, B.P. Kashyap and S. Banerjee (India)
Superplasticity and Solid State Bonding of Materials
R. Va. Lutfullin and O.A. Kaibyshev (Russia)
Diffusion Bonding of Dissimilar Superplastic Titanium Alloys
N. Ridley, Z.C. Wang and G.W. Lorimer (U.K.)
Mechanical Properties of the Wing Slat produced by SPF/DB Technology
S.L.N. Acharyulu, O.A. Kaibyshev, R Sundaresan, M.L. Bhatia, R.V. Safiullin and R VA. Lutfullin (India, Russia)
Application of Processing Maps in the Quality Assessment of Engineering Components - An Indian Experience
S.V.S. Narayana Murty. A Natarajan and T.S. Lakshmanan (India)
Finite Element Modeling of Superplastic Forming Using Analytical Contact Surfaces, R. Sadeghi and Z. Pursell (U.S.A.)
Design in superplastic Forming Process by Rigid VISCO Plastic Shell FEM
K.F. Zhang, Z.R Wang, X.M. Lai and G.L. Kan (China)
Superplastic Forming of a T~I AJoy and its Application in Aerospace
B. Shang, W. Mao and Z. U (China)
Effect of Superplastic Forming on the Microstructure and Properties of Commercial Ti-6~V Plate
K. Madhusudana Rao, W. Krishnaswami. P.V. Subrahmanyeswara Rao, A. Datta and R Sundaresan (India)
Closing Ceremony

List of Posters

On the Apparent Activation Energies for Superplastic Flow S.S. Bhattacharya and K.A. Padmanabhan (India)
An Integrated Rheological Model of Superplastic Deformation AN Yershov (Russia)
Strain Rate Sensitivity Index m: Definition, Determination, Narrowness F.U. Enikeev (Russia)
Superplasticity as Universal Structural-Mechanical Phenomenon M.I. Mazurski and F.U. Enikeev (Russia)
A Quantitative Metallographic Technique for the Estimation of Relative Energy Distribution of Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Materials K.K. Singh and S. Sangal (India)
Superplastic Behavior of AA 7475 AI Alloy M.G.Zelin, S. Guillard and P.K. Chaudhury (U.S.A.)
Usefulness of the R-type Specimen Method for Evaluation of Superplastic Characteristics  Y. Takayama, N. Furushiro, T. Tozawa and H. Kato (Japan)
Constitutive Models in Superplasticity: A review R.A. Vasin (Russia)
Strain Induced Grain Boundary Premelting in Copper Bicrystals T. Yoshikawa and F. Inoko (Japan)
Evolution of Microstructure and Homogeneity in Superplastic Deformation B. Bai and K. A. Padmanabhan (China, India)
Effect of Grain Boundary Precipitation on Creep Damage and Ductility of Type 316 Stainless Steel M.B. Mathew, G. Sasikala, S.L. Mannan and P. Rodriguez (India)
Creep Deformation Behavior of Forged 9Cr-1 Mo Ferritic Steel B.K. Choudhary, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao, S.L. Mannan and B.P. Kashyap
Superplasticity And Creep In Monoclinic And Y-PSZ Nano-grained Zirconia L. Chen, T. Rouxel, R. Chaim, H. Vesteghem and D. Sherman (France, Israel)
Percolative Composite Model for Prediction of the Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials R. Chaim (Israel)
Superplastic Characteristics in a Doubly-Extruded ZK60/SiC/17p Magnesium-Based Composite T. Mukai, T.G. Nieh and K. Higashi (~apan, U.SA)
Cavitation in High Strain Rate Superplastic Metal Matrix composite H. Iwasaki, T. Mori, M. Mabuchi and K. Higashi (Japan)
High Temperature Deformation of Ceramics Simulated by Molecular Dynamics H. Ogawa, N. Sawaguchi and F. Wakai (Japan)
An Investigation of the Sinter forging Characteristics of Alumina - Magnesia Composites Implications for Superplasticity, S. Shah and A.H. Chokshi (India)
TEM Characterization of Grain Boundaries in Superplastic AI20 T base Ceramics Y. Takigawa, Y. Ikuhara and T. Sakuma (Japan)
Cavitation Damage Mechanisms in a Superplastic Zirconia (3Y-TZP), K. Hiraga and K. Nakano (Japan)
Microstructural Evolutions and Variations in Mechanical Properties of a Fine-Grained Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia caused by Superplastic Deformation Y. Motohashi, N. Sugeno, S. Koyama and T. Sakuma (Japan)
Effects of Porosity on the Superplastic Properties of Sub-micronic A1203-Zr02 Composites OF. Flacher, J.J. Blandin, K.P. Plucknett, D.S. Wilkinson and C.H. Caceres (France, Canada)
Superplastic Alumina - 20% Zirconia J. Wittenauer (USA)
Superplastic Deformation of Fine Ceramics in Uniaxial Compression and Bending Strength K. Sato, T. Yokoyama Y. Sawa and R Nagae (Japan)
Sol Gel Alumina and Mullite Coated SiC Precursors for Ceramic Matrix Composites K.G.K. Warrier, U.S. Hareesh, G.M. Anilkumar, S. Ananthakumar and A.D. Damodaran (India)
Effect of Cr on the Region I Superplastic Behavior of an AI-33.3% Cu Alloy M. Valsan, E. Sato and K. Karubiyashi (India, Japan)
Internal Stress Superplastic Forming of Dual Phase Material K. Kitazono, E. Sato and K. Kuribayashi (Japan)
Microstructural Evolution in Ultrafine Grained Two Phase Alloys: Theory and Experiment M.A. Tsepin, A.R.M.I. Miad and L.1. Perepelitsina (Russia)
Load Relaxation Behavior of Superplastic AI Alloys T.K. Ha and Y.W. Chang (S.Korea)
Superplasticity of AI20i6061 Aluminium Matrix Composite W. Zheng, J. Yun, A. Ma, J. Jiang and R.S. Tan (China)
Superplasticity of Fine TiB Dispersed Ti-6AI-4V Alloy Composites obtained by Reaction Sintering K. Funami, M. Kobayashi, S. Suzuki and C. Ouchi (Japan)
Influence of Superplastic Deformation on the Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium Alloys with Microcrystalline Structure M. Kh. Rabinovich and V.G. Trifonov (Russia)
A Reinvestigation of the Mechanical History on Superplasticity of Zn-22AI-2Cu at Room Temperature G. Torres-Villasenor and J. Negrete (Mexico)
Superplasticity of Nickel-Based Alloys with Submicrocrystalline Structure V.A. Valitov, G.A. Salishchev and Sh. Kh. Mukhtarov (Russia)
The Evolution of Grain Structure during Superplastic Deformation of an AA8090 Al-Li Alloy W. Fan, M.C. Chaturvedi, N.C. Goel and N.L. Richards (Canada)
A Study of Superplasticity in a Zr-2.5wt% Nb Pressure Tube Alloy RN. Singh, R Kishore, T.K. Sinha and B.P. Kashyap (India)
Low Temperature Superplasticity of Submicrocrystalline Titanium Alloys G.A. Salishchev, RM. Galeyev, S.P. Malysheva and O.R. Valiakhmetrov (Russia)
Effect of Initial Structure on Grain Refinement to Submicron Size in AI-Mg-Li Alloy Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation M. Kh. Rabinovich, M.V. Markushev and M. Yu. Murashkin (Russia)
Near Room Temperature Activation Energy Associated with Structural Superplastic Zn-20.2% AI-1.8% Cu J.D. Munoz-Andrade, A. MendozaAllende and J.A. Montemayor-Aldrete (Mexico)
Low-Temperature Superplasticity in EB PVD Titanium Alloys AV. Korzh, AF. Belyavin, and D.B. Snow (Ukraine, U.S.A.)
The Influence of Superplastic Deformation History on Structure of Two-Phase Titanium Alloys A.G. Ermachenco, R.R Vasin and M.V. Karavayeva (Russia)
Recent Advancements in Superplastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding (SPF/DB) Technology R. Kahandal and K. Yasui (U.S.A.)
Objective Modelling of Diffusion Bonding in Superplastic Duplex Stainless Steels RI. Todd, C.S. Hodges, Y.C. Wong, Z.C. Wang and N. Ridiey (U.K.)
Studies on SPF/DB Technology of Al-li Alloys F. Song, W. Mao and Y. Zhu (China)
A Finite Element Modelling for Superplastic Bulging Of Titanium Alloy Tube and Pressure Path Optimization N. Akkus, K. Manabe, M. Kawahara and H. Nishimura (Japan)
Stress-Strain State of a Blank in Superplastic Bulk Forming under Mutual Influence of Material Rheology and Contact Friction E.N. Chumachenko, O.M. Smirnov and S.E. Chumachenko (Russia)
The Computer Technology of Creating Lubricants for Superplastic Deforming Process N.P. Barykin, V.I. Semenov and AK. Galimov (Russia)
Solid State Joint Formation of the Titanium Alloy VT6S under Superplastic Forming Conditions R.V. Safiullin and R Va. Lutfullin (Russia)
Superplastic Forming of Sandwich Cellular Structures from Titanium Alloy RV. Safiullin, O.A. Rudenko, F.U. Enikeev and R Va. Lutfullin (Russia)
On the Study and Application of Local Superplastic Deformation for Manufacturing Axially Symmetric Parts F.Z. Utyashev (Russia)

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