International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials

The international conferences on superplasticity in advanced materials (ICSAM) have been held every three years since 1982.
The interest in the phenomenon of superplasticity has been increasing steadily since 1934, Pearson's first demonstration of superplasticity, from the viewpoints of fundamental scientific understanding as well as industrial application.
The objective of these conferences is to provide an international forum to stimulate discussions on a wide range of topics and encourage further developments in superplasticity.
The previous eleven meetings were successfully held in San Diego, Grenoble, Blaine, Osaka, Moscow, Bangalore, Orlando, Oxford, Chengdu, Seattle and Albi.
The interest and scientific research on superplasticity has broadened the scope of the topic to include metals, intermetallics, ceramics, bulk metallic glasses, nanostructured materials and composites.
In addition to contributed papers on the newest achievements of these advanced materials, the conference intends to invite key scientists to make presentations on topics of current interest in these fields.


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