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12th ICSAM September 7-10,2015 in Tokyo
The University of Tokyo The University of Tokyo

12th International Conference on Superplasticity
in Advanced Materials (ICSAM) 2015


It is our pleasure to hold ICSAM 2015, the 12th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials, now in Tokyo. The first ICSAM was held in San Diego in 1982 as a platform for academic/industrial researchers and engineers in the field of superplasticity based on materials science and mechanical engineering. Thereafter, nine conferences were held consecutively in Grenoble, Blaine, Osaka, Moscow, Bangalore, Orlando, Oxford, Chengdu, and Seattle, rounding America, Europe and Asia. The last, i.e., 11th, ICSAM was held in 2012 in Albi, France, attaining many participants. In the present, 12th, ICSAM, we have approximately 130 papers, more than 160 participants and 3 exhibition-making companies from over 20 countries.

The present ICSAM is chiefly organized by the Japan Society for Research on Superplasticity (JSRS) and co-organized by the Light Metal Educational Foundation, Inc., Japan and Ibaraki University. The financial support from these institutions as well as Suzuki Foundation is greatly appreciated.

Among the participants of the present conference, there are only a few people who participated the first ICSAM, but probably most of the current participants, not to mention I, believe that the spirit of organizing the first conference has been incessantly succeeded. As the saying goes, continuance is power. During the history of ICSAM, the information technology has been amazingly developed, and thus we can communicate easily with each other all over the world. Still, we feel the significance of face-to-face discussion more intensely than ever. From these circumstances, the position of the ICSAM series conference has been established steadily in the crowd of numerous conferences.

It will be our further pleasure for all the participants to obtain fruitful results through their presentation, discussion and information exchange, and to enjoy social program as well as tourism after the conference; Tokyo will provide a variety of choice for tourist.

I wish to express our hearty welcome and thanks to all the participants.

Goroh ITOH

Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee
ICSAM 2015
Ibaraki University, Japan

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